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Company History

Located in Boucherville since it's inception, the Company has expanded twice within this community.

Founded in 1995, is today the reference in Canada in the field of recycling of totes and plastic barrels.

2006 : Opening of our plant in Mississauga on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario.

2011 : RTQ joins the Mauser Group to become RTQ-NCG Inc.

2013 : Fusion between RTQ-NCG and Armco. By welcome Armco and their team we now offer a complete line-up of products including new containers and pails.

2014 : Opening of our plant in Strathcona County on the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta.

For more than 20 years we have developed and continue to develop procedures specific to all industries using totes and plastic barrels. We are well placed to offer a solution dedicated to your needs, Chemical, Pharmaceutic or Food Grade.

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